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How to update a purchased theme

When an update is available you can update your theme using 2 methods. But, before the actual update, please read the following suggestions on how to protect your configuration:

  • Export your current theme options configuration from “Appearance >> Import/Export” (if anything goes wrong you can always import the configuration).
  • Backup your entire site (recommended plugin: BackUpWordpress)
  • Export your widgets configuration with the use of a plugin (I use this one:Widget Settings Importer/Exporter). It’s well know that on multiple theme switch the widgets settings get deactivated, so use this plugin to ease your work.)

1. Using Envato WordPress Toolkit (recommended)

  1. Download and install the plugin from GitHub.
  2. Go to your ThemeForest account and generate an API key.
  3. Go to Envato Toolkit wp-admin page and insert the generated API key and username.
  4. That’s it.

This method of auto update implies that any modifications done to the theme css or any other files must be done in a child theme.

2. Manually WordPress Admin panel or FTP

First, verify your current version of the theme by going to “Appearance >> Themes”.

Then go to the theme page on ThemeForest and check the latest version (if it’s bigger you must update).

In order to download the latest version of theme go to the “Downloads” page from your ThemeForest account and download the theme again (download only the theme zip file, not the whole package).

Now, you have 2 options:

  1. Install the theme via WordPress administration panel
  2. Install the theme via a FTP program

Note: If you have made modifications to the core theme files you need to install the theme via The FTP editor. It’s a difficult process, but you’re never supposed to modify the core files.


(do not forget to backup your theme settings)

  1. For this method you should first install Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades (this plugin automatically updates the theme or plugin if it already exists.)
  2. Go to “Appearance > Themes” and click on "Install Themes", then click on "Upload".
  3. Click “Browse…” and upload the new theme file. (eg.
  4. Click "Install Now" and then "Activate".


To install the theme via FTP first unzip the theme archive. If you choose not to delete your existing theme or overwrite the existing files, please rename the theme folder by adding the version at the end of the filename, something like this "villenoir_v31". This way you can choose which version to install once it’s uploaded.

Now, you have 3 ways of uploading the theme:

  1. Delete the existing theme and upload the new one
  2. Overwrite the files of the existing theme with the ones from the new version
  3. Upload the theme with the changed filename and keep the existing theme

Choose the one you want, then go to Appearance >> Themes and activate it.

That’s it.

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